CFTH Culinary Program 2017


Are you passionate about cooking? Do you dream of running your own restaurant, launching your own food business or traveling the world cooking professionally?

Learn to cook to a professional Standard and become a fully qualified chef in 12 months with our Professional Chef training Certificate. The professional Chef Certificate training program is designed to lunch your career as a professional chef and prepare you for the demands of today’s employers. Becoming a top chef takes ambition, dedication, passion and skills, our training is saddled to develop the full range of skills and qualities needed to be a professional chef and equip students with the needed tools to build and sustain a rewarding career in the food service industry.

Learning from our team of highly experienced, professional French chefs, you will work with outstanding local produce to master the fundamental skills, techniques and disciple needed to succeed as a chef.
CFTH Culinary Program is divided in to five Levels:

Classic Culinary Arts
Classic Pastry Arts
Bar & Restaurant Management
Food Service Training

During the program, you would attend theory and practical classes where you will begin with the fundamentals and foundation of cooking in a professional manner. Each level helps you to develop competencies in food preparation and presentation and the last level would include a Five months apprenticeship in a restaurant to ensure you are well grounded in the industry. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate in Culinary and Pastry Arts under the accreditation of the Ministry Of Culture and Tourism Republic of Benin.

Your Career Options Include:
You have more options than you think; culinary arts graduates work in restaurants, hotels,spas, resorts, casinos, hospitals, schools and on cruise ships.

New session will commerce on the 8th of August 2017
Duration of Program 12months
Six months Extensive Theory and Practical Classes
Five Months Apprenticeship.

Admission Requirements:
SSCE result
International Passport or ECOWAS Passport
5 passports Photo

Application form now available(50% discount price for the first 10 Students).

Contact us for more details: +229 94799961, 61079242, 96066860.

Email ID:


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